We provide efficient customer service for our transport company by using state of the art software.  Our customer service department has been trained by industry experts to utilize our technology and to provide accurate information in real time.  Our software is easy to use and reliable.

Freight Tracking

Using our automated system, we can track your shipments live and answer inquiries.  Our team can order freight pick-ups and relay precise delivery times to our clients.  We can also allow you to preview required transport documents or have access to freight management reports for your needs and distribution.

Electronic Logging Device

Our cutting edge technology includes the use of ELDs which tracks our drivers’ driving time and other hours of service (HOS) precisely and easily, eliminating paper logbooks.  Data is collected from a connection to the driver’s engine ECM.  The information is collected and synchronized when the engine is running.  Even if the vehicle is moving or regardless of miles driven and engine hours this data will still be picked up.

While only in the first phase of development of the ELD rule, law enforcement can review a driver’s HOS by looking at the monitor or from a printout from the ELD.  Our fleet has the ELDs system in place which is beneficial to our drivers saving time and reducing paperwork.