About Us

Our Company

Since inception our team of professionals have been providing top-rated services within the trucking industry for 15 years. We’ve been hauling goods to and from ports across North America of all sizes and complexity.

We provide various freight services for small to large truckloads, for dry to refrigerated freight and for pharmaceuticals or hazardous freight. Handling specialized freight is one of our specialties which are only dealt with by our most experienced logistics personnel and drivers.

Providing excellent customer service experiences are the name of the game for us. Our reputation is built on trust, honesty and integrity which we foresee will continue into the future.

Our Values

Our dedicated staff is committed to ensuring that freight is transported safely and on time. We ensure government regulations are met, safety standards are followed and that routes are carefully planned for the type of freight being transported.

Our Mission

Our mission statement is to provide top-rated service within our industry while ensuring safe and speedy transports that protect the environment and freight.


Our vision is to be recognized a top-rated and recognized company where prospective clients will turn to first.


Safety is top priority for us. Our drivers are all experienced and fit to drive trucks. We provide ongoing training in safety standards & regulations along with company procedures. Our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards and are routinely inspected.

Our clients can trust that when we handle hazardous materials our professionals use the utmost care and secure loads carefully and according to safety procedures to prevent spills or other disasters. The environment and people in it are our top priority while preventing freight damage. Time management skills are important to us in order for our team to complete tasks safely, with the time required and with precision.

About Team

At True Logistics our professionals work together as a team. Each and every employee lives up to company policies and procedures, valuing honesty, integrity and respect.

Our administrative, sales and logistics team are highly motivated to providing the best customer service in the field. As time is of the essence, our operators provide information and routes accurately to avoid mishaps.

All together our team has the same values and goals of providing the very best experience for our clients, the best rates & accurate information along with secure and safe transports.

Our Partners